On CloudFlow 4 Shoe Review

On CloudFlow 4 Review: The New Generation Has Landed

On have announced their fastest, lightest model of the On Cloudflow running shoe yet, the Cloudflow4. Set to launch on October 2nd.

Building on the success of Cloudflow 3, the new model retains some great features with significant improvements.

What's New in Cloudflow 4?

While the sleek design remains consistent, the Cloudflow 4 has enhanced cushioning. As soon as you try it on, you’ll feel it. The shoe manages to be 2-3 grams lighter than the Cloudflow 3 despite added cushioning and a higher stack height.

The drop has been reduced from 9mm down to 8mm, but the shoe retains a smooth forward-rolling ride and a rocking feel. Featuring a fast-firing Speedboard®, it’s more responsive and durable compared to the previous model, so you’ll get more mileage out of the upgrade.

The standout improvement is the inclusion of a filing in the middle channel of the sole, preventing you from picking up stones, pebbles, or pinecones — as the previous model did. A marked improvement for anyone who doesn’t want to spend their runs picking nature out of their shoes.

Versatile Performance

The Cloudflow 4 is your go-to daily trainer, offering both comfort and performance. It’s a great choice for faster runs, interval sessions, and hills.

Is It Worth the Upgrade?

The Cloudflow 3 was a popular shoe with our runners, and the newer model is a step up in comfort, practicality, and performance.

If you’re interested in upgrading to the On CloudFlow 4, check out our website for more details or visit our store to try them for yourself. 


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Paul Galley

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Paul Galley, founder and owner of Fitstuff since 2006, has a background in competition running for South England, ultra-marathon running, and is an expert in biomechanics.